Access and transport

Pedestrian and cycle access to Gateway 14 will be provided via a new toucan crossing south of the Cedars roundabout and via the existing Mill Lane A1120 overbridge. Traffic will be able to enter the site via the existing Cedars roundabout that serves Gun Cotton Way. A shuttle bus to link Gateway 14 with Stowmarket train station will be provided.

The transport assessment that was submitted with the planning application was developed in consultation with the Highways England (responsible for the A14) and Suffolk County Council (responsible for all local highways).

The development seeks to minimise the number of vehicle trips by providing pedestrian and cycle routes to the site and through the provision of a Travel Plan. The Travel Plan will encourage sustainable travel to the site for employees and visitors. It will also encourage businesses to reduce travel by using full loads, adopt video conferencing and various other alternatives to reduce the need to physically travel. The remainder of the trips generated have been assessed for their impact on the highway network. The results will be used by Highways England and Suffolk County Council to inform their response to the submitted development proposals.

The performance of the A14 Junction 50 has also been assessed and any adverse impacts on its capacity will be addressed as a part of the development. The development is well placed to take access from the A1120 and the A14, both of which are high standard dual carriageways that give access to the national and local highway network.

In response to feedback, the proposed Petrol Filling Station was removed from the plans. This change results in removing an estimated 759 vehicle trips during a typical 12-hour period from the likely traffic associated with the development. In addition, the ‘left in only’ access from the A1120 to the previously proposed retail/roadside area was also removed.

To address your feedback regarding the potential increase in traffic as a result of the development, some improvements (lane widening) will be made to the Cedars roundabout to increase its capacity.