Community and jobs

Gateway 14 will generate thousands of job opportunities and benefit the local economy through major investment from the companies choosing to locate there.

It is estimated that approximately 3,000 direct full time equivalent (FTE) jobs could be created (based on the anticipated total floorspace of the buildings).

A further 1,500 ‘indirect’ jobs could be created elsewhere as a result of the development (i.e. jobs supported by the new jobs generated on the site).

There could be more than 150 FTE construction jobs created over the course of the construction period (our estimation based on similar developments).

Considering our neighbours

Protecting the amenity of the neighbours to the site has been, and will remain, a key consideration when designing Gateway 14. We are committed to continued engagement with those living next to the site.

A 20 metre planted, landscaped mound will provide a significant visual buffer between Gateway 14 and the properties at Clamp Farm Barn, to the east of the site. Further to this, and as a result of engagement with the residents at the Clamp Farm properties, we have:

  • Added a new five metre ‘no build zone’, which can only be used for car parking and/or landscaping;
  • Added a new four acre zone beyond this, where building heights are restricted to 10 metres; and
  • Moved taller buildings (up to 21 metres high) away from this part of the site, and relocated the innovation cluster here instead (with buildings up to 12 metres in height).
  • Click here to read about how we will be continuing to keep the community updated throughout the development of Gateway 14.